Unigine 2 Rendering Engine

We have chosen Unigine 2 as our rendering technology. This engine, developed by Unigine Corp., is specifically designed for large scale worlds like Dual Universe. It offers a lot of control on the low-level features we modify to create specific shaders for voxel rendering, atmosphere and light management. Unigine performance is great and helps us enhance the overall graphic quality of the game.

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Coherent GT

Having a flexible and robust System UI in the development of a game is a crucial way to be productive. We chose Coherent GT from Coherent Labs. This allows us to use Native HTML5/javascript technologies to design and test UI, and port it directly into the game for stunning results. We gain a lot of creative freedom in the process.

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Custom Voxel Engine

We have developed a custom voxel engine capable of handling smooth shapes, not just cubes, based on Dual Contouring and Hermite Data Fields. This voxel engine supports unlimited Level of detail (LOD), which effectively makes planets a huge voxel entity and therefore completely modifiable. This Voxel Planetary Engine runs with our CSSC to allow concurrent editing of the world by potentially millions of people, and smooth updates to every participant to keep in sync with the geometry of the environment.

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Continuous Single-Shard Cluster

We have developed our own technology that we call a Continuous Single-Shard Cluster (CSSC) to handle potentially millions of players simultaneously playing in the same universe. At times, there will be thousands of players gathered in tight spaces - in cities or in space battles, for example. We developed a solution to prevent interruption during this type of gameplay: "Dynamic Space Splitting.” This will entail server nodes assigned to densely-populated regions which change the update frequency of remote entities to maintain a fluid experience for nearby entities.

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Direction Générale des Entreprises.

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Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée

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