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Sponsor pack

  • 1 Alpha Access (now)
  • 2 Beta keys (can be gifted)
  • 7 Dual Access Coupons (DAC)
  • 2 Pets
  • 2 Arkship Passenger Outfit
  • 1 Resurrection Nodes
  • 6 Extra Character customization
  • 1 Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU)
  • 1 Earth Legacy Outfit

Contributor pack

  • 1 Alpha Access (now)
  • 1 Beta keys (can be gifted)
  • 3 Dual Access Coupons (DAC)
  • 1 Pets
  • 1 Arkship Passenger Outfit
  • 1 Resurrection Nodes
  • 3 Extra Character customization

Patron pack

  • 1 Alpha Access (now)
  • 3 Beta keys (can be gifted)
  • 12 Dual Access Coupons (DAC)
  • 3 Pets
  • 3 Arkship Passenger Outfit
  • 2 Resurrection Nodes
  • 9 Extra Character customization
  • 2 Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU)
  • 2 Earth Legacy Outfit
* Access to the Dual Universe Alpha when test sessions are in progress. Check this page for information about the Single-Shard server status.
Alpha Access (now)

Your journey begins Novean, you will be able to access Dual Universe from this phase! The next playtest date is always displayed at the top of the homepage.

Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU)

Sanctuary zones allow players located in it to build, socialize, store items, and do commerce. Note that the Sanctuary Territory Unit items can only be used within safe zones located on moons. Please refer to the FAQ for more info.

Extra Character customization

With this, you’ll be able to access all customization options that will become available upon the game’s official release!

Beta keys (can be gifted)

Together we are stronger! During the Beta test phase, you’ll be able to invite your friends to enjoy and experience Dual Universe as a team.

Earth Legacy Outfit

This new outfit will make your character shine and look stunning in all situations! It is a tribute to the Novean ancestry home, Earth.

Arkship Passenger Outfit

Face the new world with style & finesse! This outfit was worn by the very first Noveans who arrived on Alioth. You’ll be recognized as one of the first ever players to explore Dual Universe.

Dual Access Coupons (DAC)

This item represents one month of subscription. One DAC is valued at 30 days of free gameplay. DACs can also be purchased using in-game currency on the in-game markets. You can also gift these items to friends and play together!

Resurrection Nodes

Once this device is deployed, you will no longer fear death as you’ll be able to respawn to the closest Resurrection Node location, instead of the Arkship. Resurrection Nodes can be obtained in-game via normal gameplay.


These loyal companions will always be by your side. They will follow you around and are a great way to set yourself apart in a crowded city.

select a pack and reveal extra content

In-game & Forum Title

Show everyone in-game that you were among the first Noveans who stepped on Alioth. These titles are awarded to those who supported Dual Universe directly from Pre-Alpha.

(Digital) Original Soundtrack

Composed by Maxime Ferrieu, you’ll receive all music tracks that are part of the game’s soundtrack available upon release.

Content Creator Pack

Want to share your gameplay with the world on YouTube or Twitch? We have everything you need! Custom Overlay, a Dual Universe intro / outro, and transition screens. We also added a holding screen for when you want to take a break. The pack comes with detailed instructions on how to setup your own channel!

Name in the credits

Leave your mark in the game’s history forever. Your contribution is what helped us make Dual Universe a reality and as such, you are considered part of the team and your name will be displayed in the credits!

Character animation pack

This pack of unique character animations are great for roleplaying in town or communicating expressions to your friends.

Furniture Set

Ever wanted to have a unique interior design for your outpost? This Furniture Set will do just that! Impress your guests and make them feel at home.

Reserve your name

Do you have a character name that you would prefer? This will allow you to reserve it in advance! Please note that this will only work if your name hasn’t previously been reserved by one of the Kickstarter backers.

Arkship Cryogenic Tube (decorative)

Travelling from Earth to Alioth took 9,854 years; long enough to grow attached to the Cryogenic Tube that kept you alive during the trip. You can now take it with you to your outpost.

Character redesign token

This unique token allows you to return to the character customization screen. You’ll be able to entirely change your appearance and take on a different look!


Have a unique event to celebrate? This pack of fireworks will make sure that everyone around knows you’re having a party!!

Dual Universe T-Shirt

Show your support for your favourite MMO! We will send you a fashionable t-shirt of your size when the game launches.

(Digital) Artbook (PDF Format)

With this Artbook, you’ll be able to browse the unique art of Dual Universe. These illustrations will come with background from the Novaquark Art team.