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Senior Level Designer

Game Design - Novaquark - Montréal, Canada


Under the responsibility of the Lead Game Designer, you will be designing missions and constructs (buildings, spaceships) with our in-game editor.

Your responsibilities will be: • Designing and building layouts of constructs (bases, spaceships) with the in-game editor • Populating and debugging constructs on planets and moons • Designing and integrating tutorial missions and quests that support the lore of the game • Scripting in LUA for missions and in your creation (add logic for interactives elements in buildings and spaceships) • Assisting the leads and marketing team to create content to test and showcase the game • Authoring of biomes to create procedural planets, moons and asteroids • Helping build the game with the user experience in mind • Using and improving the tools that are provided to the players.

Requirements • You have a minimum of ten (10) years of experience as a Level Designer • You have shipped at least two (2) 3D games on PC or consoles • You are creative, technical, proactive and autonomous at work • You have leadership skills to interact with all the other leads on the project • You have excellent communication skills in English and French.

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