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UI Programmer

UI/UX - Novaquark - Montréal, Canada



The UI Programmer will be focused on integrating UI in the game client environment

The main and routine tasks of the UI Programmer are to :

  • Read the game design documents to understand the intended player experience.
  • Help define the features and ergonomics of the menus in an effort to support the graphic designer.
  • Design and implement menu and interface systems for specific users on each platform, preserving the uniformity of the visual and logistical aspects.
  • In collaboration with design and programming teams, quickly prototype interaction concepts for the game.
  • In collaboration with the graphic designer, integrate designs and animation (timeline or code).
  • Understand the implementations and recognize technical limits.
  • Oversee the programming of the modules that underlie the user interface.
  • Interact and collaborate with different departments.*


  • In-depth knowledge of the core JavaScript language and experience building object-oriented JavaScript.
  • Solid knowledge of programming design patterns and recognition of programming standards..
  • Understanding of JavaScript Vanilla is required.
  • Extensive experience with HTML ,CSS, LESS, and cross-browser development.
  • Good knowledge of GIT, SVN.
  • Excellent problem-solving, verbal and written communication, design, development, and debugging skills.
  • Ability to work independently and in groups to effectively participate in the software development life cycle.

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