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UX Expert

UI/UX - Novaquark - Montréal, Canada


The UX Expert is responsible for the ease of play of the game: the strategy to ensure game ergonomics early on and then effectively respond to player feedback by relying on application projects, tools, accessibility and signs and feedback.

You will work in close collaboration with the game’s core team, the UI team and the level design team.


The main and routine tasks of the UX Expert are to:

  • Design logic, layout and flow the game’s user interfaces including HUD, menus, and lobby based on information architecture and accessibility principles;
  • Ensure that signs and feedback clearly communicate the game information based on best practices in accessibility;
  • Ensure optimal interaction feedback and minimal control latency;
  • Advise and collaborate with game designers to determine the best controls and inputs to support game features for a fluid and consistent player experience;
  • Create functional prototypes for rapid iteration;
  • Follow-up on the final implementation of all features to ensure the proper execution of the user experience and design;
  • Create an optimal interface layout plan;
  • Ensure that the interface arrangement accounts for localization constraints;
  • Advise team members, contribute to knowledge sharing, set realistic objectives and seek challenges and experiential opportunities;
  • Carry out all other related tasks.


Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience in the video game industry, specifically as a senior game designer, a UX designer, a UI designer, an industrial designer, an ergonomist or a 3C programmer.

  • Ability to use a business- and user-centric approach to design;
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and design exceptional user experiences;
  • Understanding of lean UX concepts and the ability to work within a continuous flow environment (ability to think holistically while building and learning iteratively);
  • Ability to create functional prototypes and human-machine interaction guides;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills;

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