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Senior Graphics Programmer

Rendering - Novaquark - Paris, France


The Senior Graphics Programmer is responsible for developing all the solutions related to the rendering of the game engine, from the lighting to visual effects.


  • Improve and maintain the rendering modules of the game engine
  • Develop shaders and quality effects to support the Art direction
  • Optimize the rendering code to get the best performance.
  • Write clear, maintainable, portable C++ code
  • Write and maintain custom shaders across a range of hardware
  • Test and document code you write


  • Strong knowledge of C++ (11, 14)
  • Strong knowledge of rendering algorithms
  • Good knowledge of multi-core architecture related issues
  • Experience with DirectX 11 level shaders and HLSL
  • Experience writing systems balancing performance and maintainability
  • Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  • Development experience on PC
  • Good MMORPG culture

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