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Lead Gameplay programmer

Gameplay - Novaquark - Montréal, Canada


We are looking for a lead Gameplay Developer to join our team in Montréal, Canada. If you have several years of experience(s) and love developing, implementing and improving new dawning gameplays in endless open worlds, then we would love to talk with you!

  • You want to work on a ground-breaking project with a strong R&D and gaming environment
  • You want to work on very different aspects of the game development
  • You want to work on an outgoing gameplay, full of possibilities (from managing your own economy to territory administration, but also your character self-progression or even battle for planet and ecosystem conquests.)
  • You want to provide players with an enriching and everlasting gameplay vision
  • You want to be part of an outstanding project with emergent mechanisms (Voxel crafting technology, Customization of your own AI, Shaping, Building...)
  • You want to participate to the creation of new authentic features
  • You want to develop and implement game mechanics along with the Game Designers.

Responsibilities: * Implement/Test/review gameplay features * Assist & Oversee the gameplay team in their daily tasks * Help the team stay on track when facing difficult technical challenges * Create & maintain a healthy working environment inside the team

Requirements: * Expert proficiency in C++ programming * At least 5 years of experience as a gameplay programmer in video games and 2 yeas as leading technical teams (juniors to seniors) * Shipped at least one AAA as a gameplay programmer * Works well in a team environment * Good level of English * Experience of a variety of game engines (Unity, Unreal, Cry Engine ...)

Lead qualities we are looking for: * Excellent communicator * Good at managing priorities, spotting dependencies * Capacity to embrace change * Good at problem solving * Leadership by example

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