We need your help load testing DU for Beta!

Hello Noveans, 

As we gear up toward our Beta launch on August 27th, we require your assistance in preparing our single-shard server for this important date. And since we don’t want any unnecessary surprises, we are holding an important server load test for our playerbase and their friends. Alpha backers will begin load testing the game on July 30th, while non-backers will begin starting July 31st to August 3rd. Help us shape the game you’ve been dreaming about, while showing your friends what our game is all about at the same time. We’re even releasing Alpha version 3.2 for this occasion, with several improvements to make you and your friends’ lives much easier!

All we’re asking is that you log into the game during this time and share your unique activation code, which can be activated a total of five (5) times, with your friends so they can help test as well! Specifically, we’re looking for players to log in on August 2nd at 8pm UTC to try and have as many players connected at the same time as possible.

All players with access to the Alpha will receive five (5) of these invitations, using the same unique link. You can send your link to as many friends as you want, but only the first 5 who sign up will receive access to the game. We will, however, temporarily keep the address of your friends who may register past this limit of 5 invitations, in case we decide to open more slots for the test at a later date.

The codes will be sent to our players via email in the upcoming days. As a reminder, these invitations only grant access to the game during this load test period, and we ask that you and your friends still respect the NDA during this test. 

See you then!
The Novaquark team