We’re going LIVE July 23rd at 11am!

Hello Noveans,

It’s been quite a busy month for us over here at Novaquark, with lots of important announcements and information. Did you catch everything we released recently surrounding the Beta, NDA lift, business model, our latest PvP demo, and the month-long super test? We felt that it would be a good idea to host another Twitch Q&A to get everyone on the same page, as well as give our members a chance to ask their questions once more to JC and the team.

The livestream will air on July 23rd at 11am on our Twitch channel, or you can tune in live on YouTube or Facebook. This will be our third livestream, and will be hosted by NQ_Naerais (aka Space Mom). She’ll be joined once again by NQ-Entropy and JC as they answer questions in chat. The topics of discussion will include: the Beta pricing model, PvP discussion, Lua scripting, and more. Visit the official thread on our forum to discuss the livestream now!

Also keep in mind that we’ve uploaded our two previous Q&A livestreams to our YouTube channel. Click here to check out our Live Developer Q&A playlist now! We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank the community once more for their support. Let’s DU it!


The Novaquark team