Dual Universe Q&A: Beta release, pricing strategy, and more

Hello Noveans,

Most of you are probably aware that on August 27, we will be releasing the much-anticipated Beta release of Dual Universe, as well as dropping the NDA. This is a momentous occasion for us and the community alike, so we’re sure you may have some additional questions. For this, we’ve created a handy FAQ to help shed some more light on how we’ll be selling Dual Universe starting from the Beta to the final release.


1. As an Alpha backer, will I have to pay a monthly subscription fee during Beta?

Monthly subscription fees during Beta is only for non-backers joining the game during Beta. As an Alpha backer, you won’t have to pay for the subscription during the Beta phase; you will only need to start subscribing (or use DACs) after the game’s official launch. That was one of our original promises and one of the big perks of being a backer, as a ‘thank you’ to our community that helped to develop the game to the state we’ve reached so far. 


2. As an Alpha backer, what do I need to do to play Beta?

All Alpha backers will have automatic access to the Beta without any actions to do on their side, as long as they have already created a Dual Universe account. However, if you haven’t created your Dual Universe account yet, you will still have to create it in order to play the Beta. Reminder: Having pledged on Kickstarter does not automatically create a Dual Universe account. You have to create one manually on our website here. All the backers who have pledged directly on our website after the Kickstarter campaign have had their account automatically created. 


3. Will DACs be usable or sold for Beta?

No, DACs won’t be implemented in Beta. As originally stated, DACs will start to be usable at official release, not before. They won’t be sold either before this date.


4. Will the monthly subscription stay at the price you’ve just announced ($6.99)?

Yes, it should stay at the same price for the game’s official release. This has been the topic of many internal discussions for months. On one hand, we’re still convinced that the subscription model is the proper model to sustain the game in the long run, covering the server costs and ensuring monetization that won't impact the gameplay balance. On the other hand, we made our calculations to make the game as affordable as possible: our goal was to make one year of subscription as close as possible to the price of a full retail game.


5. Since the price of one month of subscription is lower than what was announced during the Kickstarter, what does that mean for the DACs that I received as part of my pledge?

We communicated in the past that the estimated monthly subscription fee would be in the same ballpark as the industry standard ($15 USD) and the DAC would have a slightly higher price than the monthly subscription fee and would be tradable for 1 month of play time. The original value of each Founder and Supporter pack was based on that estimation. Now that the price of a monthly subscription has dropped, this will impact the price of a DAC. We will make sure, however, to keep the value of the Founder and Supporter packs that you have paid for, so that you are not impacted in the end by the drop in the subscription price. It will likely be remedied by giving additional DACs to each backer, or any other alternative that could compensate the individual value drop for each DAC compared to the original estimate. Please note that, for the sake of simplicity, the content of the packs currently sold on the website has not been modified. So anyone buying a Supporter pack between now and Beta will be entitled to the same compensations related to the value of the DACs in the packs.


6. Will you ever launch on Steam or Epic Games Store?

We are not excluding launching on third party distribution platforms in the future, if the conditions are right. It won’t happen for the launch of the Beta though, and the game will only be available for purchase on the game’s website for now. We do understand that many of you may wait for Dual Universe to come on a platform, but for now, we will self-publish the game on our website. While being on Steam or the Epic Games Store will enable us to reach a wider audience, accessing the game directly through our website will help support the game in a better way, as most of your money will go to Novaquark, while other platforms charge a significant fee for listing Dual Universe on their game store. 


7. Will you be allowing players to buy only 1 month of game time at Beta launch, or in the future? (vs. 3, 6 and 12 announced)

It is possible that we will offer this option at some point during Beta, or after launch, as a way to make the game even more accessible. We think that with a price of $6.99 (or €6.99) per month, however, a 3-month pack already offers a fairly low point of entry to discover what the game has to offer.


8. Will you offer other forms of monetization?

Yes, given that we opted for a low monthly subscription price, we are looking into other ways to generate revenue for the game, such as selling purely cosmetic items and services. These other options will not be available for the Beta launch, and we will make sure to not sell anything that could be perceived as pay-to-win. 


9. Will there be a free trial of Dual Universe, or some form of demo?


No, there are no plans to have a free demo or a free trial for now. Dual Universe offers a fully persistent, shared world and we’d like to make sure that all players joining this world have a vested interest in making it a great place to play in. We may offer, from time to time, an invitation-based limited trial for a weekend (we are currently preparing one to help us stress-test the server before Beta), but it is going to be limited in scope and not a free-for-all demo. As always, things can always evolve in the future, but our plans for now are to not offer a free trial of Dual Universe.


10. When will backer rewards be sent or available?

Digital backer rewards will be available at Official Release. Physical backer rewards will be sent progressively between Beta and Official Release.


Thank you for your continued support as we head toward the Beta release, we  couldn’t have made it this far without the continued support of our awesome community!

The Novaquark team