Live Twitch Q&A on June 18th

Hello Noveans,

This Thursday, we’ll be holding our second Twitch livestream Q&A, with JC returning and answering more questions from the community regarding the recently released Alpha version 3.1. In particular, there will be an emphasis on the use of warp drives and surrogates in Dual Universe, so be sure to join the stream, grab a snack, and ask any questions you may have

Preceding the live Q&A will be an exclusive first look at the latest Dev Diary, featuring lots of cool new features coming to Dual Universe, including...well, you’ll just have to join us live this Thursday. June 18th at 11AM EST on our Twitch channel to find out! And be sure to visit our message board to discuss the Q&A livestream with your fellow Noveans by visiting here.

The Novaquark team