Our brand new PvP trailer is out now!

Hello Noveans,

Have you seen our latest PvP trailer? It features lots of brand new footage and showcases Dual Universe’s unique mix of combat gameplay, including voxel damage and battleship crews, where each of your squadmates has a role to play in combat. Players will have to rely on both mechanical skill, with a lock-on system and full flight control, as well as the design of their ship — will you create a small, agile fighter, or a large warship built for drawn out conflicts? 

Check out the new trailer by clicking on the link below:

Will you fight for what’s yours? Take to the skies and fight for galactic supremacy with the PvP combat feature. For more exciting content, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. And be sure to discuss the new trailer with your fellow Noveans on our dedicated message board.

Thank you,
The Novaquark team