PvP trailer highlight: ‘The Naga’ by Onethousandstars

Hello Noveans,

Some of you may have seen our recent PvP trailer featured in IGN’s ‘Summer of Gaming’ event that showcased our vision of combat in Dual Universe. Some of our more seasoned community members might have recognized one of the ships featured in the trailer. We’d love to take the time now to thank voxelmancer extraordinaire Onethousandstars for creating his ship, The Naga, which was used in some of the trailer’s action-packed scenes.

We’re always in awe of what our community is capable of creating, and we feel that this ship best exemplifies the capabilities of Dual Universe’s voxel creation system. 

Right now, you can download a 3D-printable model of the Naga as an STL file! The final model as shown in the images below is 14.22 x 14.73 x 31.50 cm in total. And be sure to discuss this with all your fellow Noveans on our official message board.

Download the Naga’s 3D model now!