Interview with Kurock - Gravity Maze (part of The Lagrangian station)

Our own NQ-Naerais sat down with the builders of some of our entries from the Space Station Building Contest. Here's their interview with Kurock, who designed this amazing gravity maze as part of a collaborative build known as the Lagrangian Space Station.

NQ-Naerais: Tell us a bit about your station and its purpose

Kurock: The Lagrangian Space Station is an orbital market, located outside the Alioth gravity well, which caters to spaceships of all sizes. The station itself is a collaboration between multiple organizations, foremost of which is Dark Star Imperium. My part is the creation of the Gravity Maze as well as a viewing platform of Alioth that both take advantage of different gravity directions of 6 space cores.

NQ-Naerais: Where did you draw your inspiration from when designing your station?

Kurock: The station shape was designed by committee, through a blending of minds that resulted in an .obj file that could be distributed to the builders. The idea for the Gravity Maze started here:

This first gave a very obvious (at least to me) idea: An Escherian Staircase. So like the YouTube video, but in six different directions.

NQ-Naerais: Tell us about your build process - Did you plan the build ahead of time, or do it in real time? / What kind of preparation did you do before this build?

Kurock: I googled some Escher staircase pictures and got started. The first room you enter was the first to be created.

...and I built it outwards from there.

Because one picture provides only 3 walls of a cube, I used two example Escher Staircase pictures and placed them on opposite sides of the same room. So if you look up, you see the other pictures layout. After the first room was created, I connected the doorways haphazardly to each other, sometimes creating new rooms, sometimes using connecting passages. The lack of planning certainly helped with the haphazard nature of the maze. I marked which floor was down with different coloured voxels, the colors of many of the floors are hold-overs of that color marking scheme. While those definitely helped with orientation in the beginning, as the build grew, so did the confusion and it wasn't long before I was getting lost in my own build.

NQ-Naerais: Were others involved if so, how so?

Kurock: The station itself was built by Dark Star Imperium members, specifically un86Rn: Head Cat-herder Detonbator: Station Designer and Architect Mopnex Andreyno: Lead Programmer and Chief Miner The Gravity Maze I built myself and subjected one poor tester to see how tough it was be to complete. Turns out it is quite devious.

NQ-Naerais: What struggles did you face during this build?

Kurock: Interleaving the voxels of six different cores and ensuring that a new floor didn't override the gravity of a previously placed floor was the most challenging part of this build. Though sometimes the outcome was so hilarious I simply left it.

NQ-Naerais: What is your favorite element of this build?

Kurock: Gravity. It was at once the thing that made this entire build interesting and the beast to be tamed.

NQ-Naerais: What advice would you give to other builders in Dual Universe?

Kurock: Don't be intimidated out of building what you want to build. You do not have to be a voxelmancer to build something that is functional and good looking. There are publically available voxels if you do want to spruce up a build and you can always enlist the help of a voxelmancer if you want to be really extravagant. If you want to build something, just DU it.

NQ-Naerais: How many times did you get lost while you were building this maze?

Kurock: Countless times. Until I scrapped my 3D spatial awareness together, I was getting lost in the middle of building one of the many rooms.

NQ-Naerais: Do you still get lost? 

Kurock: Yes, but not for as long anymore.

NQ-Naerais: Has anyone completed the maze?

Kurock: So far, only my tester has completed it. Want to try the maze out? You can find it here: 

Gravity Maze ::pos{0,0,-414142.7786,217120.8101,-166107.6882}


Special thanks to Kurock for agreeing to interview with us, and congratulations on his awesome build! To discuss this build with your fellow Noveans, visit our message board now!

The Novaquark team