New changes to the Speeder

Hello Noveans, 

We hope you are all doing well during this COVID crisis. It’s business as usual here at Novaquark, where we’ve been working on a few key changes and additions to the game, including the way the Speeder behaves. As you may be aware, the Speeder is the beginning construct you are tasked with creating during Dual Universe’s tutorial section, and as part of our mission to improve the first-time user experience, it’s undergoing some modifications!

The Speeder is the hovercraft model new players are first tasked with biulding during the game's introduction

The changes below assume that the player is in ‘Travel mode’. Cruise mode is unaffected, except for the lack of nose up/down control, and that the W/S keys now also control the speed.

We feel that there should be a fundamental difference between controlling an atmospheric ship and a ground vehicle, and we wanted a more intuitive experience for first time users. Players should expect these changes to take effect soon, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Please note that for those who already own a Speeder, you will have to apply these changes in-game by right-clicking the hovercraft seat and selecting ‘Apply default autoconfigure > Ground construct’. 

That’s it for now, keep up-to-date with us by subscribing to our Twitter and Instagram, and discuss this with other Noveans on our message board. See you on the next DevBlog!

The Novaquark team