Interview with Hyperion - Themis (4th place runner up)

Our own NQ-Naerais sat down with the top five builders in our latest Space Station Building Contest. Here's their interview with the Hyperion organization, fourth place runner-up and designer of Themis.

NQ-Naerais: What's the purpose of your station?

Hyperion: Our Space Station Themis aims to be the largest global hub in Dual Universe, a neutral place for thousands of players to interact with each other. Thereby Themis follows the principles of its namesake, the goddess Themis.

NQ-Naerais: Did you plan the build ahead of time, or do it in real time?

Hyperion: We have planned the complete outer shell and built it with the scaffolding projector. The interior was built real-time based on our concept.

NQ-Naerais: Where did you draw your inspiration from when designing your station?

Hyperion: When designing the station, it was important to consider the PvP aspect. It was essential to us that we could bring ships to safety inside the station and that there is only one main entrance that we could defend well. We have involved all members of Hyperion in finding a suitable concept and voted on it collectively. The concept formed the basis for the outer shell and was inspired by this piece of Dual Universe Artwork:

For the interior, the creativity of the players was very important to us, so we gave them a free hand, meaning there are many sources of inspiration. For example: Star Trek, Elite Dangerous and Halo

NQ-Naerais: What kind of preparation did you do before this build?

Hyperion: Since the beginning of the current game phase we have filled our supplies abundantly and after the announcement of the contest we started our largest mining expedition so far. Of course, some meetings and the assignment of roles are also part of the preparation. I guess there were 50 players in voice chat at the first meeting of Themis.

NQ-Naerais: Were others involved if so, how so?

Hyperion: As Themis is supposed to be a community station, we are also in contact with several members of the community and some other organizations. For example, Objective Driveyards has provided us with some older ships for our ship exhibition. The Space Trading Company, a member of our alliance, has also donated one of their largest PvP ships for exhibition and can now be found at Themis.

NQ-Naerais: What struggles did you face during this build?

Hyperion: The list is almost endless, I'll mention the biggest. Such a major project consumes significantly more resources than we had calculated, for one active builder were 10 players actively mining. We had to transport vast amounts all around the star system, which cost a lot of fuel. Another issue was a lack of basic voxel behaviour knowledge, so we have set up a voxel course. While building our gravity ship expo it was a challenge to harness the new gravity behaviour. Also checking and assessing the construction progress was very difficult for us due to the overall size. In the end we lost much of our motivation due to bugs and game crashes that came with the size of our station, so we could not finish Themis. Last but not least, Themis wasn't our only project at that time, we organized an Airshow at the Alioth Aerospace Expo, relocated our HQ on Alioth and we produced and set the first Territory Unit on the North Pole.

NQ-Naerais: What is your favorite element of this build?

Hyperion: My favorite part of the station is when using one of the non-guided elevators to travel down and view the ships right in front of you. Both expo sides have their different flavours and it is a beautiful sight to see ships from different organizations. The second best is the guided elevator, when you get from the top to the bottom. I could drive an elevator all day in Dual Universe.

NQ-Naerais: What advice would you give to other builders in Dual Universe?

Hyperion: Do not be afraid of voxels! Get your own blueprint of a voxelmancy library and just give it a try. The Hedronic Library of Teoma is a good library to start. There are also some guides in the forum. After only a few days you can achieve incredible results. For larger projects it is important to have a clear goal in mind. You should always keep an eye on the flow of resources and do not put yourself under any time pressure.

NQ-Naerais: How did you discover Dual Universe and how long have you been a part of the community?

Hyperion: I discovered Dual Universe during the Kickstarter Campaign in 2016 when I happened to come across the E3 2016 trailer on YouTube and I joined the community after I met NovaQuark at Gamescom 2017. In October 2018 I became the head of Hyperion, which unfortunately has slightly reduced my activities in the Community.

NQ-Naerais: How do you spend your time in Dual Universe?

Hyperion: Wait, I can actually spend time IN Dual Universe? laugh Most of my work happens outside of the game, hour-long meetings, evaluation of the tests etc. - the whole management of Hyperion including the political stuff. But when I take the time to play Dual Universe, I try to discover new things and do mostly simple work for Hyperion like using the Flatten Tool to make our runway.

NQ-Naerais: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Hyperion: Themis is currently the largest station in Dual Universe with over 40 cores and has an overall width and length of about 400 meters and a height of 900 meters. Themis consumed about 1.500.000 m³ voxels, which is equivalent to 8500 ore veins. I would like to say thank you to every player who supported this huge project, regardless of the type of activity. Every single hand was necessary to achieve this great result.


Special thanks to Hyperion for agreeing to interview with us, and congratulations on their awesome build. We look forward to seeing it evolve! Be sure to join us for more interviews in the coming days!

The Novaquark team