The winner of our Space Station Building Contest has been chosen!

After so many great submissions from our community, we finally decided on the winner for our first-ever Space Station Building Contest.The competition, which began last October, was open to all Alpha backers and saw dozens of incredible submissions. These are prime examples of what’s capable in Dual Universe’s fully-editable, shared world, where players can build together. Special thanks to all the entrants for their hard work and dedication! 

Here’s a short video of our finalists in order, including the winner of the competition:

Congratulations to New Genesis member Flip360 for his winning submission, AMN Aspire Station, which serves as a defensive rearming and repair post for members of his organization. What stood this station apart was not only how fantastic it looked, from its monolithic exterior to its clean, modern interior, but also its emphasis on creative and intelligent architecture. It was clearly built from the ground up with maneuverability and usability in mind, with plenty of great views and space for all the organization’s members.

Rounding out the top three were Port Albatross LZ, designed by Dr. Rhubarb, and The Myriad Research Station by Serula. Port Albatross LZ features lots of customization using the in-game scripting, plenty of crew quarters, and a variety of docking stations, while The Myriad was built with user-implemented constraints to build as quickly and efficiently as possible to inspire players with minimal knowledge of the game’s voxel tools. 

Special thanks once again to all the entrants, as this has been Dual Universe’s most successful competition to date. To keep up with any new contests we’re throwing, or for more news and fun community content, follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

The Novaquark team