Space station building contest honorable mentions

As some of you are aware, we recently held a contest to see who could build the most impressive space station among our Dual Universe community. The contest, which was open to all Alpha backers, saw dozens of incredible submissions built entirely by players in the game’s shared universe, all of which are a testament to the capabilities of the game’s unique, in-game construction tools. We received dozens of incredible submissions, and while we enjoyed playing all the entries, we wanted to acknowledge these two space stations as our honorable mentions!

In fifth place is Knoober, with his entry, the ICSS Center, which features 43 decks of living quarters, storage, defense, and command areas, along with four corridor wings that lead to general use buildings, a solar array, and additional landing pads.

And our final honorable mention is Hyperion in fourth place with his entry, Themis. This station aims to be a global hub for thousands of players to trade with each other, and is easily reachable from Alioth.

With so many incredible entries, this has been one of our most successful contests to date. We'll be announcing the winners soon, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more news and awesome community posts. And subscribe to our YouTube page for even more exciting content!