Space Station Building Contest Showcase

Hello Noveans,

As some of you are aware, we recently held a contest to see who could build the most impressive space station among our Dual Universe community. The contest, which was open to all Alpha backers, saw dozens of incredible submissions built entirely by players in the game’s shared universe, all of which are a testament to the capabilities of the game’s unique, in-game construction tools. We received dozens of incredible submissions, and are currently tallying up the votes to choose a winner. 

Here’s a short video we released showcasing some of these amazing submissions, so be sure to check it out:

A lot of entrants teamed up within their organizations to build massive, complex space stations with varying gameplay purposes in mind. Some even found creative ways to use gravity as a fun gameplay mechanism. Whether as refueling / trading stations, defensive outposts, or organizational HQs, space stations  will serve as important hubs for some of Dual Universe’s main gameplay loops, including dynamic economy and organizations.

With so many incredible entries, this has been one of our most successful contests to date. Our team certainly has its hands full now that they have to decide on a winner, so be sure to follow us on Twitter when we’re ready to announce those. And subscribe to our YouTube page for more exciting content!

The Novaquark Team