A message to our community

Hello Noveans,

When we first started Novaquark, our goal was to create a sci-fi MMO like no other, and provide our players with an experience where every player’s decision has an impact on the game.  And with the help of our backers and Alpha testers, we’re on pace for making our dream game a reality.

Our successful Kickstarter campaign promised that we would move forward with an emphasis on transparency and constant communication, and for this reason, we dedicate a fair amount of time communicating with you all through DevBlogs, podcasts, Dev Diaries, AMAs, and more. Most of these focus on showcasing new features or highlighting updates to the game, so that we keep our community of players informed.

We’ve added a ton of cool new features in the last couple of years, which culminated in Alpha 3, our biggest update yet, and saw the release of notable features such as construct-vs-construct PvP combat, organizations, and the RDMS (Rights and Duties Management System). As we explained in our roadmap update at the end of last year, at this point of development, our team is focused on stabilizing the game, which means working on bug fixes, server stability, UI and quality of life improvements, and more. In other words, we’re making sure that the existing features work as intended, and that they’re fun for all our players, as we head into the NDA lift and Beta launch.

Because bug fixes and infrastructure improvements are not particularly exciting to show in a video or Dev Blog, there will be a notable lull in communication during this period. Besides, our communication efforts up to this point have always been primarily geared towards our existing community. While nurturing our community remains a high priority, we must prepare to change the focus of our communication to attract new players for the Beta release and NDA lift. And that’s a different kind of communication and messaging, one less focused on the progress we’re making, and more on the bigger picture of explaining a complex game such as Dual Universe. So between the developers’ focus on stabilization and a shift in our communication, you can temporarily expect fewer DevBlogs, Dev Diaries, podcasts, etc. But don’t fear! We will still be releasing interesting content every now and then, and communicate the improvements and fixes to existing features. So be sure to stay tuned to our social media, as well as our YouTube page.

We hope that you bear with us during this slower communication period, and understand that we’re entering a new phase in our development, and a new phase of our studio. The good news is that we’re working on increasing play time for Alpha testers, starting with our currently running 11-day ‘super test’. Once again, we thank you for your continuous feedback and support, which remains as critical as ever. Let’s DU it! 

The Novaquark team