DevBlog: Info button & Surface harvesting

In today’s DevBlog, we’re looking at two of the more understated features from the Alpha 3, the info button and the surface harvesting tool. While small, they’re certainly mighty, and will provide players with lots of easability and customization.

The info button is a new element added in Alpha 3 (currently only usable in the opening districts; usable recipe will become available shortly after Alpha 3), which allows players to leave messages or instructions for others. To activate it, players simply walk up to the element and select it. A message, which has been added by the creator, will then pop up on the UI of the player who activated it. An excellent use case for this would be guiding visitors when they visit any buildings you’ve constructed! 

Before this, players would only be able to convey information through the world by using a screen unit, which would be a hassle and look unsightly. Using the info button solves this by simplifying the procedure, and makes collecting info easier and less expensive resource-wise. 

Moreover, since the information is relayed through the player’s UI, and not the game world itself, the information stays with the player until they decide to close the window, or after a timer designated by the original creator itself. We also plan on supporting SVG files, so players can display images for others (this feature is expected to release post-Alpha 3).

In the example below, new players can become accustomed to some of the elements in Dual Universe when they first arrive on Alioth.


The second new feature we’re talking about is surface harvesting, which allows players to gather materials from rocks (with plans of possibly expanding to harvestable foliage in a future update). We included this feature in Dual Universe for several reasons: 


After identifying a harvestable material by hovering over it with your cursor, simply equip the Harvester tool and left click the mineral. The time it takes to harvest an ore is determined by its size, the value of the ore, and any applicable talents the player has. As of Alpha 3, there are currently four harvestable minerals in Dual Universe:

Mineral / Ore Pure substance
Bauxite Aluminium
Coal Carbon
Hematite Iron
Quartz Silicon

There may be more added in future updates, but right now these will provide players with a useful way to accrue low-value, but ultimately useful, materials for their construction projects.

While different, we feel both these new gameplay elements will lend themselves to a great overall player experience. That’s it for DevBlog coverage on Alpha 3 features. Remember to follow us on Twitter for more important news, and keep up with us on Instagram for more exciting content!

The Novaquark team