Alpha 3 DevBlog: Global 3D Navigation

In Dual Universe, the Global 3D Navigation feature shows real-time, situational icons on your screen as you navigate throughout the world. The goal of this is to let the player better locate the elements around them, even if beyond their view range. To use the Global 3D navigation, the player just has to hit the ‘V’ key, and these icons will appear.

What differentiates this feature from a traditional waypoint system in other games, is that this feature is completely situational depending on the player’s actions. For example, if you’re walking on a planet’s surface or drifting in space, you’ll see points corresponding to constructs and people 1km away. However, if you’re piloting a ship, you’ll be able to see what your radar picks up, so you’re best off equipping your ship with one! Similarly, a gunner with a perk can pick up targeted enemies in his vision.

This feature is still a work-in-progress, however for Alpha 3, there will be four main units that the player can locate using Global 3D Navigation:

These points of interest can also vary depending on other factors as well. For example, an icon that displays individual players is colour-coded depending on whether that player is in your friends list, a member of your organization, neutral, or part of a warring organization (for now, this is a work-in-progress and is expected to release post-Alpha 3).

This example can go even deeper; hovering your mouse over the icon will display small bars on either side of it, and depending on their colour, these bars provide contextual information regarding that target. For example, an orange bar means that you’ve identified that player construct, and are prepared to lock-on for combat, while a flashing red bar means that you have already engaged (when the bar is solid red, it means you’ve shot at the target within the last 30 seconds). These appear on the left side of the icon, while the right side displays the actions of the highlighted player. A target is considered an attacker if one if its weapons is actively firing at us, while it is considered a threat 30 seconds following its last attack.

Players can set waypoints in order to share locations or targets for PvP. Once set, these waypoints can be shared either by the players in the same construct, or within a certain radius defined in the player chat. Pressing ALT+V will display a ‘legend’ menu, where you can select which icons you wish to be visible, while pressing ‘ ; ‘ cycles through different levels of information. 

Level 1 of information


Level 2 of information


Level 3 of information


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The Novaquark team