December Community Digest Recap

Hey Noveans,
Today we're looking back at some of the featured community creations from the month of November. Remember that our Twitter feed is still the best way to keep up with all of the great content that our community produces. For those who want to have their creations featured, please read these easy guidelines before uploading!

Helvetian shares a work-in-progress build of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Let's hope his shares a better fate than the real one!

Check out the latest ship in the Infinity Corporation's fleet, the impressive Infinity Star Ship Boundless.

The AMNS Atlas is prepared for Alpha 3's launch, and the arrival of PvP combat, with weaponry and a landing zone for smaller ships.

And finally, SoCalExile's new ship reminds us of one of our favourite scifi films! You won't need a Multi Pass to ride, however!


And that's it for the month of December. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep afloat of everything Dual Universe. Until next time, keep your eyes (and nanoformers) to the stars!

The Novaquark Team