Puzzle Building Contest Winning Entries Walkthroughs

Hello Noveans,

Last year we held a Puzzle Building Contest, where players would build elaborate traps and labyrinths for others to solve. With such a talented community of builders, it’s no surprise that we had a lot to choose from. We had our very own NQ-Antigravitas sit down and personally solve each winning entry.

Watch our guinea pig — err, we mean colleague — as he breaks into a corporate HQ and sneaks through their extensive surveillance systems. Featuring elaborate traps and some cooperative fun, here he is traversing through Kurock’s Heist puzzle.

Be sure to also check out the walkthrough video we released last year, where our careful little Houdini escaped a harrowing, high-tech dungeon in the sky in BiGEdge’s RD_Temple. 

And if you’re interested in building your own, be sure to watch the tutorial video we released, starring JC as he walks you through some of the tools you’ll be using. Combined with a little ingenuity, even the sky’s no longer the limit!