November Community Digest Recap

Hey Noveans,
Today we're looking back at some of the featured community creations from the month of November. Remember that our Twitter feed is still the best way to keep up with all of the great content that our community produces. For those who want to have their creations featured, please read these easy guidelines before uploading!
Designed by Koober, the Skipjack is a versatile atmospheric transport craft with a focus on sleek edges and agility.
Station Whitestone, which was built by Serula, serves as home to Infinity Corporation's HQ and features a great hangar to park and showcase their ships.
NRD's building was designed by user Stan, and serves as the organization's main hub for industry.
Things got spooky in Dual Universe around Halloween, with these inspired ship designs. The skull was built by Helvetian, and the jack-o-lantern was built by Pantera. 
User Renard shows off his impressive creation, the SFC Heracles, a lightweight cargo ship made for exploration and interception.
The Objective Driveyards HQ is a grand, palatial building that was built by members of the ODY organization, and comes equipped with all the functionalities you can expect.
Here's a small AGG transporter called the Hyperion Virga, which was designed by Hektiktrick and home to the Hyperion Organization.
And that's it for the month of November. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep afloat of everything Dual Universe. Until next time, see you space cowboys.
The Novaquark Team