Alpha 2.1 is out now!

Hey there Noveans,

For the brand new Alpha 2.1 update, we’re including a brand new building element called the Space Core Unit. Unlike other core units in the game, these allow the player to build constructs in space. We figured, what better way to test out this new addition to the game than a contest to see who can build the most unique and impressive space station! We’re going to have more details on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, be sure to check out our latest DevBlog, where we go in depth with the Space Core Unit.

Other changes coming in this latest update will include overall improvements to the game’s physics. Construct collision detection has improved, especially when using the jetpack in space, and players can physicalize several constructs simultaneously. So for example, if you’re piloting a large cargo ship containing a smaller ship within it, you can start piloting the smaller ship instead while the larger ship continues its trajectory. Moreover, you’ll see even further improvements to piloting. 

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