Community Digest Recap #2

Hey Noveans,

Remember that our Twitter feed is still the best way to keep up with all of the great content that our community produces. For those who want to have their creations featured, please read these easy guidelines before uploading!

Now, without further ado, here’s our featured content for this edition of the Community Digest Recap!


Escorting missions and blockade running are a breeze with Thasrion’s CR-001 Spectre. This Corvette Class ship can house 3-6 crewmates, and looks sleek and stylish while doing so.


Designed by Empire’s overseer, Io_Espa, this conference room is housed within the organization’s Imperial Government Complex. Who knew diplomacy could be so stylish?


From the New Genesis organization’s own Flip360, comes this stylish interior for a ship known as The Atlas.


There’s plenty to explore in Dual Universe, including bodies of water. For those times, check out community member Mister_Flanders’ Peedie Flanderboot Mk. 1, a submersible vehicle for cavern exploration.


That's all for now! We'll be releasing the next couple of Community Digest Roundups at a faster pace to catch up with all the amazing designs our community has come up with, so be sure to join us for that!

The Novaquark Team