Alpha 2.1 Milestone: Space Core Units

Unlike traditional Core Units already in the game, these allow players to build large, complex structures in space. Imagine the possibilities: interplanetary space station, galactic headquarters, space gas station?

The primary benefit of this unit is that it doesn’t need to be projected onto a surface in order to be deployed. It’s also worth noting that much like static constructs on the ground, all elements — such as doors, turrets, or storage units — can be placed within these space constructs, and are fully compatible with the Virtual Projector (read more about the Virtual Projector here). Finally, another difference between Static and Space Core Units, is that the latter generates an artificial gravity. This is essential for making your constructs livable — otherwise, you’d have to navigate inside using just your jetpack. 

Another fun byproduct of this new unit is that you can align them in varying orientations to create continuous paths to walk along. Think ‘2001: A Space Odyssey meets M.C. Escher’.

This awesome space station was designed by one of our senior developers, and shows what’s possible using our in-game tools. Each segment measures 250m in length, and is comprised of 11 total Space Core Units. It’s important to note that large structures such as this are still comprised of many individual constructs, and will behave accordingly when interacting with the various mechanics in the game.

To deploy Space Core Units, simply select them from your inventory and place them in the world like you would a regular core unit. 

Space Core Units also have a really cool aligning tool that allow you to line up congruent cores to create massive constructs. And who knows, should the time come that we ask upon our community to show us your creations, it might just come in handy! 

To help you build in space, it’s important to take note of two useful tools at your disposal — the Emergency Control Unit, and the Anti-grav unit.

The Emergency Control Unit (ECU)

Did you know that Dual Universe has real-life gravity systems, which can affect all constructs and living bodies within a certain range of any planet? While realistic and useful in other aspects, we figured that this would be a barrier for those wanting to work for extended periods of time in space, as you'd always need to keep tabs on your ship to make sure it wasn't hurtling towards the planet's surface! To combat gravity in space, we’re making adjustments to the Emergency Control Unit. Just remember that if you’re within this ‘gravitational threshold’, your ship is still affected by the planet’s gravitational pull, and you may find it hurtling to the ground! 

When attached to a construct and activated, the ECU will attempt to stabilize your ship where it is. It can also be used in a planet’s atmosphere to help attempt a controlled landing on the ground. The ECU has both an armed and unarmed state, and only works when you’re not inside your construct. After activating the ECU and exiting your ship, it will take effect. 

The Anti-grav Unit

Another potentially useful element is the Anti-gravity Unit, which is a large and powerful in-game item that creates gravity cancellation fields in its vicinity. These are especially useful for large, heavy ships traversing through the atmosphere. When installed, they stop gravitational forces from moving your ship, essentially turning your ship into the galaxy’s most expensive paper weight!

With all that said, we feel like the Space Core Unit is an exciting new feature and the logical next step in realizing the player’s goal to colonize space and explore the far reaches of the Dual Universe.