Community Spotlight #8

As the community continues to grow, we aim to spotlight those who have made exceptional contributions to Dual Universe: whether by creating unique content, promoting the game in a clever and positive way, or adding significant value for those interested in the game.

This is why we’ve created the Dual Universe Community Spotlight! Our intention is to interview our most interesting and influential players, and share their insight with the Dual Universe Community. We hope that you look forward to hearing their stories as much as we do!

This time, we’re chatting with Kornelius.

Disclaimer: the guide presented here was written in the wake of Alpha 2 build, and is likely to changed in the near future due to improvements to the game's UI. Stay tuned for new updates as they occur!

Novaquark: To start things off, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Kornelius: Hello everyone, my name is Kornelius and I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction, movies, and of course games. I played games like Laser Squad, Kings Bounty, Warlord, Warcraft, Civilization, X-Com series, but space games always had a special place in my heart - original Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer, X series, Elite Dangerous, Empyrion: Galactic Survival and many more, but you might know me from my Elite Dangerous youtube videos. Beginners Guide is not my first attempt to help the community - I also made Pilot's Guide for Elite Dangerous back in 2014 as well as some other e-books.

Novaquark: How and when did you discover Dual Universe? What was it that brought you to the community?

Kornelius: I think the first time I learned about Dual Universe was during Kickstarter and it seemed too good to be true: space game set in a single shard universe, that is fully editable and everything is crafted and built by players - it sounded like a dream game at a time. But after Star Citizen, I had to learn more about the game and see actual gameplay footage before committing to it. I think seeing "Dual Universe - Alpha Feature Showcase" video finally convinced me to pledge. After that, I did what I always do - gathered all information available about the game and started to annoy my friends with that knowledge to force them to join me. ;)

Novaquark: Since becoming a fan of Dual Universe and playing it so extensively, what is it that you find so enticing about it?

Kornelius: Complete immersion from first-person perspective, single shard universe, and unlimited creativity to build anything we want in a player-driven game. Of course, it is quite risky to place such power in player hands, but with enough tools from developers, it might work. I am curious to learn what tools Novaquark has in mind for players to govern themselves. The biggest issue for almost all MMO games is limited content and the need to push up low-level players and pull down high-level players towards the middle so everyone keeps playing. In Dual Universe, players are the creators of content and lore.

Novaquark: True. Well, we have many things in development right now considering this, like the way Organizations will work in the future, the RDMS, and how construct ownership will be handled, for example. We recently gave details about this in our podcast. The goal is, of course, to build systems and subsystems that provide the maximum amount of flexibility and freedom, and to allow emergent gameplay to thrive.

Now, since you were talking about creativity placed in players hands, what about your own unique goals to achieve in-game? What are your personal plans for the future?

Kornelius: I enjoy creating content, so most of my plans are tied to that. But this time, besides the usual videos and guides, I want to try something new - a monthly or so magazine filled with player stories and different in-game content. It would also act as a time capsule, as every issue would capture a specific time frame. I already made a basic design and came up with the name - Alioth Chronicles. When NDA drops in beta, I will ask if players are interested in sharing their stories, screenshots, videos, to see if there is interest from the community. It would be very cool to see the front page of Alioth Chronicles flashing on a big screen in-game! 

As for in-game goals, I want to invite my friends and make new ones, manage my organization so we can influence things around us. In player-driven games, you never know what happens next - this is exciting and frightening at the same time.

Novaquark: Seeing your Alioth Chronicles project come to fruition would be awesome! It reminds us a bit of other fan operated media initiatives, like the one we talked about in our second Community Spotlight, for example. 

Kornelius: I saw those projects, and they are slightly different. In the end - the more options the community will have, the better, as they will choose which one they prefer most.  My idea is to rely on players, on stories they write and assets that they wish to share and release that in a readable and printable e-book format. Like a fictional magazine filled with in-game stories and articles written by players. And those can be anything - in-game event descriptions, contests, sharing their experience and stories, organization advertisements, political and economic overviews, anything that happens in-game. It is more an experiment for me to see if there is any interest as I like to try something new from time to time.

Novaquark: That e-book touch would be nice, indeed! Circling back to the tutorials, you created a complete Dual Universe beginner's guide. Could you explain to us your process? We thought it was really cool!

Click on the image to download the Dual Universe Beginner's Guide by Kornelius

Kornelius: I already had some experience with creating guides for Elite: Dangerous, and I enjoyed that, so to me, it was just a matter of time when I would make something for Dual Universe. The biggest issue is that with NDA in place, I had no clue how much information I can reveal in my guide. So I created a basic version and directly contacted Nyzaltar to see your interest. Developers are creating guides right before full release usually, so it is up to players to help each other at such early development stages. And there are two main reasons why I worked on this guide. First, every test session, the same questions were asked in discord. And second, test servers are not online 24/7, so I had plenty of time in between those sessions for figuring out different game mechanics. As for the exact process on how I made the guide, then I save all my in-game footage and always try to make a guide that I would like to watch or read. So step by step, I figured out and included there all information that would help me to start the game if I were a new player. Hopefully, other players will find it useful as well, but I am always open to feedback and suggestions.

Novaquark: It’s great, and we’re happy to share it with the community! Beginner part aside, do you also have any pro tips and advice you'd like to share with more experienced players as well?

Kornelius: There is "It's not explained anywhere else" (access under NDA only) thread on the forum filled with tons of useful information, and I would advise everyone to read that. More advanced guides will come in time, especially when NDA will be lifted and we can make videos - there should be a lot of tutorials available for beta players. The first experience is the most important in such a complex game as Dual Universe, and helping new players must be one of the top priorities.

Novaquark: It’s true. Among the tremendous amount of work we have, we’re currently working on what we call the “First Time User Experience” (FTUE for short). Players’ onboarding is critical in every video game, and it’s especially true for Dual Universe due to the game’s colossal scale and range of gameplay possibilities —It’s what we call a metaverse.

We still have lots of work to go. Great onboarding is very tricky to craft because you need to place players in meaningful situations where they learn through a temporary, more guided experience. That may sound counterintuitive for a sandbox game, but that’s one of our numerous challenges for us to solve!

DU is still in Alpha 2, and we’re aware that the first steps in its universe must be improved as soon as possible. We hope our efforts will pay off and we’re humbled by the help of our community to welcome and help newcomers and veterans alike. 

Time to wrap things up! Where can people reach you? 

Kornelius: By e-mail at forger[@], and Discord (forger#7156)

My YouTube channel is 


Thanks to Kornelius for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope that you enjoyed our conversation! In the future, we’ll be reaching out to more players on a host of topics, introducing you to them, and sharing their amazing achievements with our incredible community. If there is someone you feel should be featured in an upcoming community spotlight, please let us know!

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