Alpha 2 Milestone (Part 2): New Industry Feature!

What is an Industry? An Industry is an element-based crafting system. At its most basic, players will be able to place Industry elements upon constructs, and those elements will craft items for you. You will be able to select a recipe, feed it ingredients, and receive finished crafted items as a result. As of right now, industry elements are restricted to Static Constructs but this may change in the future.

Before explaining the specifics, let's mention the main goals for Industry.

Firstly, we wanted to expand our crafting systems to allow more gameplay depth and player progression through crafting. The Nanocrafter was a good start, but it didn’t allow for players to fully specialize in crafting. The Industry feature changes this and allows you to flex your industrialization power by creating large and powerful industries!

Secondly, we wanted to give players both the abilities and tools needed to provide crafting to other players, as well as the option to pool their crating power together. Due to how nanocrafting worked, it is likely that you took part in daily crafting usage, to build the elements you need. If you like that type of gameplay, that's great, but we’re also aware that not everyone wants to craft every single item that they need, and would prefer heading to a Market for that extra engine. Industries will now allow individual players to craft above their station, but also allow groups of players to make use of large industry power.

Now that that’s settled, let's dive a little deeper into its specifics.

Industry elements and containers will work in tandem with one input container and one output container. An Industry will constantly search its input containers for the ingredients that it needs and will then spit out the crafted result in the output container. Any given Industry element will be capable of running specific recipes depending on its type. For example, an engine-specific Industry element will only be able to create engines.

A container can also be chained together from output to input, ultimately creating what we’ve titled an ‘Industry Complex’. An Industry Complex is a massive chain of containers and Industry elements linked together; the end result being the creation of whatever you want! A basic example of this is a container filled with raw ore, linked to a refinery Industry element that turns ore into pure, which then outputs to another container. All of these elements can be linked together using your familiar linking tool.

An additional point to make is that you are also able to have multiple input containers connected to a single Industry for an improved degree of organization and flexibility when creating your Industry Complex.

Now that we have a surface understanding of Industry Complexes, let’s check out the Industry UI where there are a few new actions available.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to change or select the recipe, which can be done in the top-right of the interface by hitting ‘select recipe’. This will bring you to a recipe page that displays all of the available recipes that Industry can create. Once a recipe is selected in the drop-down menu, hit ‘apply’.

At the bottom of the interface, you will find three buttons. ‘Start’ will obviously begin the Industry’s crafting process, so long as the recipe has been selected and there are sufficient crafting ingredients. ‘Stop’ will instantly end the current run and refund any materials to your input containers. If your input containers are full, you will have the option to trash the current run or manually make space in your container before attempting to stop again. Finish and stop will stop the Industry but will allow for completing the current item being crafted before stopping.

The progress bar at the bottom will keep you informed as to the progress of your current run, while the left and right sides will tell you the status of your input and output containers. By clicking on these containers, it will allow you to browse the contents of said containers from your Industry element UI. The center area displays your recipe and item information.

You should now be set up to go out and industrialize like it’s 1760, but there’s one last quick thing! At any point in time, your Industry element may jam up. This means that something is stopping your Industry from correctly functioning. Keep in mind that a jam can be temporary and acceptable; if you have multiple Industries in a chain, some may stop because they are waiting for ingredients that another Industry is currently making.

However, if you are getting jammed consistently and for long periods of time, this may indicate problems and inefficiencies in your Industry Complex that you should probably fix.

An Industry jam is caused by two main issues:

Note that a jam will not stop your Industry’s functionality. Even during jam, your Industry element will keep doing its very best to check if it can continue doing its job. So for example, if your industry jams out because of lack of materials as input, it will keep trying to pull regularly from its input containers to continue crafting. As soon as the proper ingredients are present, it will continue crafting as normal, regardless of you being there.

As part of your Industry UI, there are two metrics to track the efficiency of your Industry. There are two numbers displayed in the top-left of your main industry UI. The first is an activation timer. Activation is simply the amount of time passed since you’ve started a run or time gone by since you hit the ‘start’ button.The second method is your actual uptime, which is the time during which your Industry is actually crafting something. As mentioned previously, it is unlikely that you will have 100% uptime, as your Industry waits for needed ingredients and deals with containers. The closer your uptime is to 100% across your entire complex, the more smoothly your Industry should run. Identifying Industry elements with low uptime will help you identify weak points in your chain.

As a final note, remember that an Industry can remain functional while you’re offline so long as your input containers are fed with resources. It will continue to pump out as many items as it can until its resources are fully depleted.

These changes to crafting bring limitations; unfortunately, the Nanoformer crafter will not be as powerful as it once was. The Nanoformer will still be capable of crafting the smaller and more basic elements and other key materials, but will not be able to craft more powerful items. For those, you will now need to use Industry elements, which will be craftable from the Nanoformer.

We hope you’ll like this new big feature! You can also hear us talk about it in our podcast right here.

That’s all we have for you today. We can’t wait to have your feedback once it will be live on July, 11th! More DevBlogs are coming, as well as a new video DevDiary! So make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You'll be sure to not miss anything related to Dual Universe! And if you didn't already, join our forum and Discord server, too!