New Fundraising for Novaquark to push Dual Universe further!

Dear Noveans, 

Today we're happy to announce that Novaquark has secured an additional $11.2 million dollars to finance its expansion and ramp up production! 

This nearly doubles the company’s previous total funding as of August 2018 ($11.4M), for a total of $22.6M which includes our crowdfunding revenue as the third largest video game on Kickstarter worldwide in 2016. 

With our crowdfunding portal and the support of our incredible community, we continue our relentless efforts toward delivering our vision. We have big ambitions, with new content and improvements coming via regular updates. 

The overwhelming support and praise that we receive are truly humbling and we thank our investors, fellow Noveans, and backers for your ongoing encouragement!

As JC stated: Dual Universe is more than just a game, it’s a metaverse: an alternative world where millions of individuals can reinvent themselves and build a new virtual society”. We can't wait to see many more participants join in this MMORPG game changer! 

The growth of both our Paris and Montréal studios is progressing well and we encourage you to check the list of open positions on our career page if you believe you have the skills we need to be part of our team.
Stay tuned for more news coming soon...

Together, let's DU it!

Full announcement is available via press release here.