Community Digest Recap - May 2019

Dear Community Members,

It's time for our Community Digest recap of the month!
We've shared during the past weeks impressive content made by the community.
As usual, all the content that has been posted by Novaquark is not under NDA anymore.

If you want to participate in the Community Digest contest, send us your creations at! Please mention the name under which you are known in the Community, as well as a short description about the Content you sent us.

Also, please keep in mind that the submitted content needs to follow the rules explained here in order to be eligible.


Episode 7

So many Dual Universe players are looking up at the skies, that they sometimes forget that there are oceans to be explored! This is exactly what Mister_Flanders was thinking when building The Flanderboot, a fully functioning Submarine.

Episode 8

The Odysseus is an outpost specialized in ore extraction to refine and transform minerals in space fuel (Kergon). It also has 160 Extra Large Containers for storage space.

Episode 9

Kurock's creation is a blimp with five spacious interior stories and programable screens that are wired to a console on the bridge. It is powered by a medium core held aloft by a small antigravity generator. 

Episode 10

The Heavy Cargo Rig was designed to perform in both atmo and in space while carrying a lot of weight. With a capacity of 6 Medium Containers, the build can also carry 20 passengers!

That's all for now!
See you for a new Community Digest Recap soon! ;)

The Novaquark Team