r0.15 Build (Part4): Talent System

Hey guys! 
It’s NQ-Entropy here today and we’re going to talk about Player Progression!

We’re finally introducing a big chunk of our player progression and it's what we're calling the Talent System. The Talent System is one of the major ways that you’ll be able to build and specialize your character in the world of Dual Universe. Character progression and specialization is a major pillar for us in order to allow you guys to embody various professions, but also to promote teamwork amongst groups and on the job market.

The Talent System is a time-based progression model during which you will get more and more training points. Featured as part of the talent tree is a talent queue. Based upon what talents you wish to acquire, you may queue various talents in your training queue. This will allow you to set-up, plan, and prepare your talent acquisition for an extended period of time. Should you decide not to train anything in the queue, a portion of your talent points will be saved in your talent point bank, ready to be used at any time.

Keep in mind that not utilizing the talent queue means acquiring points at a slower rate. Avoid taking too much time deciding, as you’ll pay in total points what you gain in flexibility.

Now that you can acquire them, let's talk about what a Talent actually is. A talent is a beneficial effect split into five different levels. Each level grants a bonus or a potential element unlock. A bonus will usually be a boost to a part of your character, like character sprint speed, or something more specific like mining efficiency.

Talents are planned to touch nearly every single feature and become a main pillar of the game. They will serve as element unlocks, allow you to engineer better quality constructs, and grant you the ability to fly faster ships. They will open access to various tools and even significantly buff your current ones.

The first available talents that you will have access to are:

  1. Basic character stats
  2. Digging and terraforming
  3. Mining
  4. Tool and element unlocks

As we continue to add more talents, you can expect expansion upon these categories as well as the introduction of new ones.
However, there are a couple of things worth addressing before you begin testing:

  1. You might feel like you’re being hamstrung at the beginning. Some talents will allow you to do things you couldn't do before, yet others will serve to limit access to things you could do in the past. Our goal is not to be overbearing in our limitations, but give appropriate growth to specific aspects of the Talent System and provide a power balance over time. We will iterate on it in the future.
  2. As of right now, some levels of talents do not unlock anything. This is something that we are aware of and will continue to fill in the gaps as we go. For now, just be certain to double check what a level unlocks and train for nothing by mistake.
  3. The current balancing is not final. We are testing technical limitations and gameplay limitations. Expect talent bonuses to alter or be removed as we address future balance changes.
  4. It is likely the system will go through resets during the testing phase. Our goal is to see that players do not lose talent points after we initiate the system; we will aim to “re-spec” your character in-between resets. While we cannot 100% guarantee this, rest assured we will try our best to approach this as fairly as possible.

That’s all the news we have to share for the moment, but I invite everyone to explore the new Talent window and give us feedback on specific talents or the system as a whole. We hope you really enjoy this feature!

As always, don't hesitate to give some feedback in the dedicated thread on the forum (click on the blue button below)

See you guys later!