Community Digest: Newton's Folly First Flight!

Today we are glad to showcase an impressive community-made creation based on teamwork! In a team effort, Destrin, Eviltek2099 and Gasplitch from Objective Driveyards have probably built the biggest spaceship since Alpha Release in November last year! As the project approached near completion, they decided to make a Fly Test as an in-game event, inviting all players interested during the last test session in March. 

Around 30 players showed up to come aboard the ship and witness the first flight of this massive beast. Among them, Knoober and Geo from Infinity Corporation joined them to help to cover the event. 

Here is the community-made video from Infinity Corporation in timelapse mode!


As the spaceship was going to take off from a platform at 1100m of atitude, many people were shuttled from the surface to the launchpad to ease the take off with antigrav generators. Objective Driveyards crew held a Q&A session until everyone was onboard. Then the decisive moment arrived: Newton’s Folly took off, and it was a complete success! It passed by the Arkship before taking the direction of Helvetian’s space station, near Alioth’s moons.

Here are a few pictures on the detailed architecture (interior and exterior) of this dreadnought:

On the way back, one of the guests attempted to deploy one of his own ship on the deck and an explosion happened (probably a malfunction related to the Calabi Yau space of his Nanopack!). Fortunately, the damage on Newton’s Folly revealed to be minor and the crew succeeded to come back on Alioth with all the passengers. Destrin mentioned: “We lost a few elements, but that's okay... it's not an Objective Driveyards test flight unless something comes back broken!”


Building Newton’s Folly was an epic adventure that needed nearly all the test sessions during two months, once again showing the potential of Dual Universe. For Destrin, the biggest challenge remained in making a big ship with several people while keeping a consistent look across the sections built by the different members involved. It’s not that easy to have a perfect common vision, but as far as we can see they achieved the goal pretty well! For Eviltek2099, the biggest challenge remained in getting the points in the right place to make the shapes they wanted. Several community requests about improvements on voxel tools have been made and we hear them. Voxel Tools are not in their final version yet ;)

In any case, we, at Novaquark, were amazed about the achievement of such teamwork and partnership between organizations at this early stage and we really hope to see more of this kind of projects in the near future!
Kudos to all participants!

The Novaquark Team