Community Spotlight #5

This is why we’ve created The Dual Universe Community Spotlight. Our intention is to interview our most interesting and influential community members to share their insight with the Dual Universe Community. We hope that you look forward to hearing their stories as much as we do!

This time, we’re chatting with Geo.

Novaquark: To start things off, could you briefly introduce yourself?
Geo: Thank you for inviting me to share my story with the Dual Universe Community.
I'm a Full-Time Mr. Mom and Host of "The Morning Brew Show" on Twitch TV. I've worked in media, technology, and entertainment for my entire career. I enjoy gaming and love encouraging creativity wherever I can.

Novaquark: How and when did you discover Dual Universe? What was it that brought you into the community?
Geo: I first learned about Dual Universe a few years ago when I heard JC Baillie talking about his crazy idea to build a creative, voxel-based, continuous single-shard Sci-Fi universe. He immediately captured my attention. At the time, our Twitch team was involved with Sony and VoxelFarm as they were creating the voxel-based MMO called Landmark. Sadly, Sony had too much on their plate and sold Landmark which was later shut down. The whole time, however, we had our eye on JC and his Dual Universe dream! We believed in JC's vision early on. In my opinion, Dual Universe has the greatest potential of any video game created for storytelling and adventuring. I knew I had to be part of it.

Novaquark: It’s clear that Dual Universe entices lots of ex-Landmark aficionados. What is it about DU’s possibilities that pulled you in? What are your end goals in DU?
Geo: First and foremost, Dual Universe is a creative canvas for players. Since it's based on voxel technology, it's easily "shaped" by players. They can create the ships, buildings, art, and monuments for "their" stories, which become the foundations for countless adventures of others. Our experience with voxel-based games showed us the power of the community to create worlds in which we play. Instead of content creation being a bottleneck for developers, they only need to make the tools we need to craft the backdrops for our adventures. Where Dual Universe stands apart from all other games, however, is its continuous "Single-Shard" universe and its ability to enable hand-crafted voxels to fly (both of which are impressive technical achievements).

My role in Dual Universe is simple. I want to showcase the works and stories of other players on our comedy show on Twitch, "The Morning Brew Show", and on our Gladiators Cafe channel on YouTube. Many of you already know me from my twitter. I'm also part of a larger creative group that comes from Landmark. We make up several Organizations in the community. We want to play a supportive role for players and Orgs by making extremely difficult tech and design accessible. Ultimately though, I love to create stuff and encourage people to tell their stories or be part of ours as we adventure in Dual Universe.

I also hope to keep making logo animations for players and Orgs to use in-game and on social media. They’re free (still) to players in the DU community. Everyone can learn more on this forum thread.

Novaquark: With NDA authorization, your creations were shared online with the community. Can you tell us what inspired you?
Geo: Well, my inspiration came from the beautiful views I kept seeing in the Pre-Alpha when flying around Alioth and into space. I began filming and looking for player creations to feature against these really cool backdrops. I've done video-game cinematography for a few years and knew I could make something that Novaquark might really want to share at events to promote the game.

First, I filmed my "Blackbird" doing a recon mission around Alioth and sent it to the Community Team. A few days later, I got a really cool response so I made a few more videos. Meanwhile, my friends made some great ships and outposts. I knew I had to make some videos of them. When I shared them with the team, I was asked to submit them to the Community Digest. The rest is history.

Additionally, even though we're out of Pre-Alpha, I'm hoping one or two of the other videos I submitted might still be featured by Novaquark (/wink /wink). :)

Novaquark: We’ll see about that ;) When we talked about this interview you told us some very unique things about your past. You grew up on different American military bases around the world. Do you have a special connection with the Blackbird? Or is it just because it’s so iconic?
Geo: You sure ask great questions. I wish I had a short answer for you, but there's a story.

I must have been in the 4th grade at the time. I used to sneak out of the house and go to the old airfield where the outdoor museum planes were kept. I'd climb into the B-17 bomber that was parked on a tarmac nearby before they built the museum. I would fly night missions over Europe until sun up and try to sneak back home without getting caught. I'm sure the MPs were probably keeping an eye on me.

Eventually, lots of the flight crews knew how much I loved airplanes and especially the SR-71. One morning, an SR-71 was getting ready to take off on a mission and the flight crew contacted my father who was in charge of the Star Wars program at the time and asked if they could take me to see it at 0500 hours.

Two MPs showed up at the house around 0400 hours and drove me to the secured airfield where the Blackbird was being fueled. The pilot, who looked like an astronaut, gave me a thumbs up and disappeared inside the cockpit. The MPs drove us to a safe distance and the engines roared to life as the thin orange glow of the sun illuminated the horizon. The roar from the afterburners was the loudest thing I've heard (to this day). Combined with the heat wave from the jet wash, it felt like I was touching the sun. I'll never forget it. I yelled and jumped with unbridled joy for what seemed like an eternity. To this day, it feels like it happened yesterday.

Novaquark: That’s amazing!
Geo: That's why I built the SR-71 Blackbird and have spent so much of my time in Dual Universe working on it.

Novaquark: Any building tips you’d like to share with the community?
Geo: 1) Free-build. Often. Learn to use all the build tools and practice with them for fun. Craft different types of materials and experiment with them to see how they look. It will be helpful for when you want to make cool stuff later.

2) Sketch out your designs and overlay them on graph paper to plan out the voxel dimensions. Learn to use the line tool to connect key points in your design’s shape. Remember 1 voxel = 25cm.

3) Think about "play-ability" when designing your buildings. Every level/floor should have ceilings at least 20 voxels high.

4) Experiment with micro-voxels:

Novaquark: Do you have any parting advice to share with fellow players?
Geo: Yes! Be patient AND inquisitive! The team at Novaquark is one in a million. They’re creating something that's never been attempted and they’re inventing tech to make it happen. Also, DU already has an incredibly helpful community that's eager to assist new players in learning how to build, fly, and prosper in the game. Don't hesitate to ask lots of game-related questions in chat and especially on the forums.

Novaquark: Any spaces other than Twitter and Twitch where people can reach you?
Geo: Our Café and The Morning Brew Show channels on YouTube! I'm also a Legate of the Infinity Corporation and Prophet Rocket Foundry Orgs.


Thanks to Geo for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope that you enjoyed our conversation as much as we did. In the future, we’ll be reaching out to more community members on a host of topics, introducing you to them, and sharing their achievements to our incredible community. If there is someone you feel should be in the spotlight, please let us know!

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