Tech Achievement: 30,000 Concurrent Simulated-Players Milestone Reached!

Today we’re thrilled to announce that the test was a great success! Performances surpassed our expectations. We're currently paving the way for the future of Dual Universe in terms of features and beyond that, for the future of MMOs as well. You know our crazy dreams and ambition and with you, our awesome community, sky space's the limit! ;)

30,000+ people all together inside the same world, at the same time! That’s a staggering number of concurrent players. Showcasing that Dual Universe is already capable of handling such a number is amazing news for players. The sheer amount of interactions at any given time in the game will take the core elements of gameplay such as exploration, trading, PvP combat, and crafting, to the next level. You can read more about this in this blog post by JC here on Medium.

Celebrating our recent Montréal studio opening, we're working hard to give you the best possible game and are hiring for many different positions! Together, let's DU it!

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