Winter Holidays Test!


Dear Alpha Testers,

Today we have an awesome surprise to announce for the Winter Holidays!
The test next week won’t last 48h as usual. It won’t last 72h either, nor 1 week. Instead, we plan to open the Server for over two entire weeks! 

Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, testing will last until Monday, January 7th, 14:00 UTC. However, while we will do our best to ensure the best server uptime possible, please keep in mind the following things: 

What are these rules?

Constructs matching all the following criteria will be deleted regularly:

In other words, if you’re keen to keep your first Construct and you’ll be offline for more than 48 hours during the test, just rename it and the Construct will stay safe.

There's also a cool new contest that will take place during this test. Head here to know more! 

We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday surprise and we wish all of you the best! :)

Best Regards,
The Novaquark Team