Alpha 1 Successfully Launched!

Dear Backers,

We successfully launched the Alpha 1 phase on Thursday, November 29th! 
We welcomed our Sponsor backers into the game in addition to those who previously had access during Pre-Alpha.
Due to exceptional Server stability, our original 24h test decidedly became a 48h test through Saturday, December 1st to celebrate!

This is a monumental milestone for Novaquark and your incredible and never-ending support helped making this dream a reality! This is only the beginning of our journey; there’s a long and challenging road ahead toward the game’s official release... With your useful feedback and continued encouragement as a community, we’re confident we’ll succeed!

Those who backed us on Kickstarter and have reached at least Silver status (even by upgrading their pledge after the campaign’s end) will join the Alpha Test group for the next test scheduled Thursday, December 6th, at 14:00 UTC!

We are also aware that many Kickstarter backers haven't created their Dual Universe account yet.
Without this account, you cannot download the game and will be unable to receive future invitations to participate in test groups. 
Only accounts that are currently registered in our database can receive invites.

So if you are a Kickstarter backer without a Dual Universe account (yet) and you want to participate in the Alpha, please create one on our Community Portal here! (Patron and Sponsor backers are automatically added to the Alpha Test group.)

We hope to see you soon in-game! ;)

The Novaquark Team.