About the Crafting

  1. Values right now are placeholder, but not completely random. We are looking to tweak them in further releases but we also want to see how our current balancing works out over a longer period of time.

  2. While the basics of crafting are implemented, crafting progression is not. As we go forward and reveal where we take crafting, expect changes to what you can craft with what and at what time.

  3. As of right now we have a master recipe which is why all elements more or less require similar parts. Expect this to change in the future.


The Basics

The crafting implemented so far is a part of your Nanoformer. You can navigate to the crafting interface with the “K” key or you can click on the tab on the left in your Nanoformer’s interface.

Now there's a couple of things going on here. First off we have what we’re calling the drill-down menu on the left. This is similar to your market and inventory menus and this will have all the items that you can currently craft, which right now is the majority of the items in the game. This now includes all of the parts that are needed for the crafting pipeline and also the ability to craft honeycombed building material (more about that below, stick with us).

Speaking of parts, what are they and where do they fit into crafting. If you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or if you’re new around here) parts are an integral component of the crafting system. Very simply put, after having mined Ore out of the ground, you are able to refine these ores into “Pure” forms of their ore; you can think of these as material ingots. Pures can then be further refined into products, which are our version of alloys; it’s roughly the idea of mixing multiple materials to make a new and potentially better one. Pures and products are then used in the creation of said parts; which are then what make up the building blocks of an element.

A quick note about honeycombs before we continue. Honeycomb material (construct building voxels) are now also fully craftable from the crafting system; the afro-mentioned pures and products are what is transformed into honeycombed material. The end goal is for all pures and products to have honeycomb versions you guys can use for building!

Interface and Queue System

Moving forward, when selecting any item from the left menu, or after searching for it in the search bar, the crafting interface will appear and you will be able to see what that particular item requires to be crafted.

One thing to mention here is that we have a tab system in the crafting interface. Meaning that you can Ctrl+Click on any item in order to open a new tab, and this will work from the left menu or from the main interface when hovering over parts and materials. This will hopefully simplify and streamline your ability to browse multiple parts and keep track of what you’re doing.

Another key feature of the crafting system is our queue system. The basic idea of the queue system is that you’re able to add items to the queue and they will automatically craft one after the other, even if you’re offline. One important thing to remember is that our crafting queue has no restrictions, you can put anything in the queue even if you don't have the required materials, so be careful what you put in the queue and in what order, because it's possible for your queue to get stuck should it try to craft something you don't have the materials for.

Linked Containers and crafting

Last but not least let's talk briefly about how crafting interacts with the linked container. The crafting queue will always look in your currently active inventory both for consuming items at the start and delivering items at the end. Right now it’s completely legitimate to start a craft from a linked container; de-activate your linked container; and have the item delivered in your Nanoformer inventory.

An unfortunate edge case right now is that if you keep all your crafting materials in a linked container; queue up 3-4 items and at some point unlink yourself the crafting queue will try to look in your local inventory, fail to locate the needed parts and not be able to progress. At that point, the last item crafted will also land in your inventory, and not the linked container.

Please note that this is something that will change in the future as we make progress in dealing with how the inventory works with the linked containers; we are looking into improvements into this area to make this more streamlined.

I think that's just about it, we’ve been listening to your feedback and we will be following up on crafting balancing and tune-ups in the next releases. We hope you enjoy the feature and look forward to you guys finally being able to start the basic blocks of the real economy.