About the New Flatten Tool

You could now easily remove any jagged edges or artifacts left over from the Digging tool, which helped make tunnels more visually appealing, but also helped in traversing them. Moreover, it also worked well when paired with the Terraforming tool, as you could now fill in holes and smooth over them and have it look orderly. At a small scale, combining digging, terraforming and smooth seemed to work pretty well.

However, one thing we still found difficult was being able to prepare and mold terrain for any mid to large-sized endeavor, such as building a large base, being able to set the foundations of a village, or preparing the groundwork for long distance roads. This was especially apparent when we attempted to work in teams where we wanted to coordinate to boost our productivity. Using the Digging and Smooth tools for these jobs left us unsatisfied, and the need for a pure flatten tool became apparent.

The Flatten tool does exactly what it says on the tin, it will allow you to flatten areas at a set height. That height will be selected by what you aim at with your center reticle. Once you activate the flatten, within some parameters, the area in your Flatten tools influence will be normalized to the defined height. You can then hold that selection and keep flattening at that height for as long as you need. It is also easy to do in groups as once the first selection is validated everyone can calibrate their own tool at that height and be sure they are flattening at the same level.

One key aspect to keep in mind is that the Flatten tool behaves in many ways like the Digging tool; it cannot under any circumstance add any voxel materials; all it will do is stretch the ground a little to flatten to the best of its capabilities. Secondly, it is subject to the same rules as the Digging tool, which means that when flattening areas where dirt is removed, you can choose to keep the dirt or have it deleted with the “Keep Non-Precious resources” option in your inventory.

A wanted side-effect is that the Flatten tool is especially useful for creating smaller interiors underground; while slower than the Digging tool when it comes to getting from point A to point B in sheer speed, the Flatten is a lot more powerful for creating small rooms and livable areas in between tunnels and underground in general.

We believe that with the mix of digging, smoothing and now flattening, we have a good amount of tools to really be able to mold and shape the world. And while these tools are individually functional, combining them is how you will truly manage to do great things. Now if you already have access to the game, you can give your feedback right here. Tell us what you think!