Community Digest program

Dear Pre-Alpha (and soon Alpha) testers,

We have some good news to share with you today!

We are aware that the announcement regarding the NDA maintained beyond Alpha Launch has been frustrating for some of you. While the decision remains unchanged - for reasons explained here - we heard your concerns, we discussed possibilities that could make the NDA less strict than it has been so far during Pre-Alpha. 

That’s why today we announce the Community Digest program.

With exceptions made to the amount of content being submitted and how quickly it can be validated within a given time frame, we are planning a monthly release of content created by the community to the public.
If you’ve created amazing content while under NDA and wish to share it with the community, feel free to send us your videos or screenshots at, together with a clear identification of your player name and/or organization. The content must be compliant with the NUCPP (Novaquark User Content Promotion Policy). All content submitted will be reviewed by the Novaquark team and, if validated, will be published in an upcoming Community Digest, with the proper credit attributed. 

Once validated, the media may even be hosted by Novaquark to share with other aspiring creators in the community!

To avoid confusion regarding which types of submitted content qualify under the NDA or not, we will be keeping track of all validated content released through our Community Digests.

To aid you in taking beautiful screenshots, making animated gifs, or capturing video, we’ve added a new feature that allows players to hide the user interface (with exception to the NDA watermark) using the “Ctrl + F9” shortcut. 

The making of the first Community Digest is slated for October, so if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to show the world your newest creations, don’t hesitate and contact us! :)

Best regards,
The Novaquark team.