Dual Universe Official Discord Server!

Since Discord’s inception in 2015, nearly 150 million gamers now use this software platform. It has quickly become a key tool in communicating between players during online games and MMOs as well as a way to keep in touch with development studios through dedicated servers.

For the past two years, Dual Universe's community has been no exception to this and has utilized a public server launched by the incredibly dedicated fans of DU. We have always found this initiative remarkable. You probably know this server already, as many among you are already in it, interacting with each other and sometimes with Novaquark's staff too.

As the game and community grow, it has become increasingly apparent as a crowdfunded company that Discord is an essential element in maintaining an active community, gathering instantaneous feedback when needed, and connecting with Dual Universe’s ever-expanding playerbase.

After speaking at length with the server’s administration team, we decided together to make this Discord server the official one for Dual Universe! Starting today, it will continue to be what we believe is an amazing place for veterans and newcomers alike to engage with one another and the Novaquark team.

There are no plans to make changes to the server as it stands currently, and we hope that as time goes by, more Novaquark developers will join in on the cool conversations taking place there. Though the server may evolve, it will be business as usual while we promote it as an official channel and help it grow even further.

If you are wondering why we have chosen this route instead of creating an official one for our own purposes, this is something we have put much consideration into. With more than 1,900 members and counting, why bother to launch and advertise for a new one when so much time and effort has been kindly given to one that is already popular and functioning? Why split the community? It didn't make sense from this perspective.

Managing a Discord server of this size demands the dedication of an attentive and adept moderation team. Those community staff members are experienced. They could have applied for the same position in a secondary server, but it would split their efforts between two separate places. As a result, the Novaquark staff will now handle administration for the server and the current moderation team will remain in place. If, as a user, you encounter any issue on the now official Discord, please contact the moderation team first. Should the moderation team not be able to resolve the issue, only then should you contact the Novaquark staff.

We want to thank the people responsible for the creation of this server and the moderation team for their daily work and dedication. We greatly appreciate their commitment. This announcement is also an opportunity to allow their thoughts to be heard for the whole community:

“It has been a fascinating adventure to see the Discord server grow over the past two years. What began as a handful of dedicated fans from the forums devouring every piece of information they could find about the game, has grown to over 1,900 passionate fans excited to be part of a community where they can discuss every aspect of the game together.

We've met many people that we’re overjoyed to call friends along the way, and as massive fans of the game, it means an enormous amount to us to have been fortunate enough to be part of building it.

We’re genuinely delighted about having been able to bring together so many fans of the game under one roof to share in the daily excitement that is anticipating Dual Universe. We hope for it to continue to be a home for them, and we believe there is no better way to safeguard that than by transferring the ownership of the server to Novaquark.

We’re ecstatic about where things can go from here, and we’re thrilled to continue to be part of the journey with the Novaquark team!”

-Yamamushi and the Community Discord team

We’re aware that not everyone uses Discord and this won't become the sole channel used for future announcements; it is merely another way for us to keep in touch with our awesome and creative fans. If you’re not already part of the most popular Discord server around, you can click here to join us! We hope to see you soon! If not, we remain available on all our usual communication channels. ;)

Thanks for all your support!

The Novaquark team