Release Roadmap & Alpha Launch Announcement!

Dear Community,

Today is an important day because we have information to tell you about the Alpha 1 release! So (space)suit up and let's embark on a journey of announcements!

First things first, we're thrilled to announce that thanks to your amazing support, Alpha 1 is scheduled for November 2018! You've been waiting for this for a long time and so have we!

The Kickstarter campaign happened almost two years ago (it feels both like ages ago and yesterday at the same time) and with Dual Universe entering Alpha 1 stage in November 2018, you'll understand that the Official Release won't be for the end of the year like initially planned. It's no surprise, but for clarification we want to say it clearly. As a matter of fact, here is the new roadmap we are aiming at:


We want to share another bit of important news with our early backers: by the end of 2018 we will be giving access to the game in its Alpha stage to all our Kickstarter backers, regardless of the pledge level (for those not in the game yet, access will be given in waves)! Access to the game at the end of 2018 was one of our promises during the Kickstarter campaign, and we want to keep our promises, even if the game is not yet finished as we hoped it would be.

It will also allow us to welcome more players and to give a token of appreciation to the first backers who made this happen. We'll proceed by giving access to the game through several waves (not all Kickstarter Backers will have the game on Alpha 1, Day 1) and further details will be announced later about that, so stay tuned. Also we have not forgotten post-Kickstarter Founder Backers who joined later and, as a thank you, we have also advanced their access to the game at an earlier stage.

*Alpha 1 Access will be given progressively in waves during Q4 2018
** Backers who have started backing the game during the Kickstarter and upgraded afterwards
are considered as Kickstarter backers while keeping their most recent status in terms of access

As you know, we rely on crowdfunding and private investment to achieve our vision. And we have a good news to share on that topic too: we recently secured an extra 3.5 million dollars from our current investors raising the total amount of funding to 11 millions!

We work relentlessly to achieve our dream. If we're still here today, it's thanks to you, our wonderful community, and to our amazing investors with their continuous trust and encouragement! The entire Novaquark team is thankful and this is precious fuel for the team as we continue to build Dual Universe.

Last, but not least, we decided to keep our Pre-Alpha policy to maintain the Non-Disclosure Agreement beyond the Alpha launch. We know how much a disappointment this could be for some of you, eager to share their awesome creations with the entire world. It's not a decision we took lightly, and we hate to come back on a promise but before voicing any feeling you may have regarding that, please hear why we decided to take such decision:

Today's gaming landscape can be unforgiving and getting suddenly a huge visibility without being ready enough can make the difference between being a hit or being dead on arrival. We clearly prefer the former rather than the latter. No one wants to throw away all the hard work engaged since 2014. 

The NDA lift will be an important moment of communication for the game, so we want to maximize the odds in our favor. We want to be sure to deliver an experience that is fun and refined enough so everybody can jump in and have a blast! This means that our First Time User Experience (FTUE), tutorials and all our onboarding processes must be done and sufficiently polished.

For many gamers the first impression is the most relevant one, and expectations are very high, early stage or not. They can judge quickly and even if we know that the community is incredibly benevolent towards the game (THANK YOU for that), new players discovering Dual Universe may not understand what Dual Universe really has to offer in the long run. Even if we have made great progress during the last months, from our point of view, the game isn’t yet at a level of quality high enough to generate strong, positive feedback. 

As you can see, we try to be as transparent and straightforward as possible. We're are also actively recruiting to speed things up. We hope to find awesome new people soon! if you (or a friend) think to have what it takes, our career page is here!

Thank you for everything! As some among you say, you're our "DUdes" and "DUdettes" and your support means everything for us! With you, we can innovate in the gaming landscape, so together: "Let's DU it"!

The Novaquark team