Novaquark User Content Promotion Policy

These are only the minimal requirements for content to be eligible for promotion. If UGC content does not meet the criteria mentioned in our policy, it means that this content will not be promoted on Novaquark’s social media or website. Please check this document again in the future, as the policies listed here are subject to change.

  1. The content should follow the global community guidelines.

    It should not contain any of the following:
    • Public shaming
    • Inflammatory/Hate speech
    • Profanity
    • Sexual content
    • Political content
    • Religious or Ideological content
    • Content related to toxic behavior (doxxing, cyberbullying, etc)
    • Exposing a private conversation without the agreement of all parties
      (including private discussions on Discord or forums).
    • Attacking any ethnic group, religion, gender, or sexual preference/identity.
    • Promoting exploits, cheating programs, piracy, or any sort of illegal activity.
  1. The content should be original or authorized and properly credited.

It should be made entirely by the original poster, or if it has been created by someone else and/or copyrighted, the poster must have permission from the original author (or copyright owner) to use it with credit provided.

  1. The content should not be mainly or exclusively about player recruitment.

Novaquark will promote content made by organizations and players, but will not promote organization ads or other media used for the explicit purpose of player recruitment.