Community-Made Outposts Video: Building Contest Results are live!

As announced on our forum here, we recently organized a building contest that saw stunning Outposts creations! We want to thank all the players and Organizations that entered. Congrats to the winners!

1st place:
Croomar's team (Objective DriveYards)

- 3 Beta Keys (to share with friends)
- 3 DACs

2nd place:
Tango_Lima (Gallia Gemina)

- 2 Beta Keys (to share with friends)
- 2 DACs

3rd place:
UnderHandAerial's team (Hyperion)

-  1 Beta Key (to share with a friend)
- 1 DAC

Of course, their creations have a great spot in this video but they're not the only one on the spotlight! We hope you'll enjoy watching it. It shows the tremendous potential of the game and what even crazier stuff the community could achieve in the future. We're impatient to see more!


Original announcement is availalable here

Winners announcement is available here