New Build Preview!

Hi everyone! 

Today we are going to share with you what is going to hit the Live Server in a few weeks! :)
We are aiming for May to release a new build of the game. Please keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and there may be some delay due to the size and complexity of these new features being implemented.

So what can you expect?


Scanning & Mining system

Finally, there will be ground resources to dig when exploring planets!
Exploring far away planets will now have a greater incentive, as you’re likely to find very rare materials on it. We will also be releasing a dedicated article to explain how we will manage resource distribution and what you can expect in terms of prospection tools. To set all players on an equal level, everyone will restart on Alioth and there will be no further teleportation requests accepted by the Novaquark team during test sessions (except in cases where a player is stuck and the respawn feature doesn’t work).


First iteration of Trade mechanics & Market Units

This means the Quanta currency is coming as well as a Personal Wallet for each Pre-Alpha tester! A starting amount of Quanta will be given to everyone. You will be able to sell resources you have dug to bots on the market or to other players! Monetary regulation will not yet be implemented, so expect potential deflation as part of economic activity growth; this is normal. As the crafting system won’t be available yet, you will be able to directly purchase (with in-game money) any Element you need from bots on the market. With all of this content implemented, the player inventory will be reset, and there will no longer be unlimited resources., If you want to try your hand at building enormous constructs, now is the time to do it! 


Planet landscape reset

We don’t plan to reset planet landscape for the release of the new Build coming in a few weeks. However, it will happen before Alpha Launch (expect at least one wipe before we reach this milestone). The same goes for constructs currently in-game: no wipe with the release of the new Build, but there will be at least one before Alpha launch.


Piloting Mechanics revamp

We heard you. The previous piloting mechanics excessively relied on vertical boosters to leave a planet’s atmosphere and enter space. That wasn’t what we had in mind for these engines. Our goal is to have a set of engines that will cover different use cases so that specialized ships can be built depending on what type of mission is required. We have worked on a revamp of the engines, adding new ones such as the rocket boosters you saw in the DualX video, and redefining others. That includes Wing Elements, Anti-Gravity Generators, and lots of exciting new gameplay to experiment with! We will release a dedicated blog article with more detail about this very soon so that we can collect your feedback ahead of the launch.

There will be bugs!

Last but not least, as always with many new features in the early stages of development, expect things to be broken. There will be bugs, glitches, and possible client crashes despite all of our efforts with internal testing and external QA. We are working on polishing a number of existing features and taking your feedback into account. Since we're integrating the very first iteration of Markets and Scanning functionality in Dual Universe, we ask you to please explore, find ore, and purchase items from the Markets instead of immediately returning to your constructs. Doing so will help us tremendously as we want to gather as much feedback as possible to make further improvements and adjustments on these features.


We hope that you are as excited as we are to test all of the features coming up in the next build! 

Best Regards,
The Novaquark team