Newsletter Revamp

On February 23rd we promised to take several actions in order to have a better line of communication with the Dual Universe fans and followers.

One of these actions was a revamp of our newsletter. If you haven't already done it, we suggest to subscribe to it now: we created a new design and a new format for it (we’ll keep working on improving it). In the new Dual Universe newsletter, we will send you a summary of the main news about Dual Universe once per month. Moreover, you’ll find similar content published on our website. This means if you don’t want to be contacted by email, you can just visit our website and read the news.

We wanted to make it easy and fast to read so the email will only include the main topics of the month. On top of that, if you follow us on social media, we will also regularly update you with news on Facebook, Twitter and the Community Discord. If you are already a mailing list subscriber, you will have received the first email with this new format last Monday around 5:00 pm (Paris time).

What do you think? Is the new format better? 
What would you like to see in this monthly email?
Let us know on the forum here!