Character Name Reservations: How it works

As we have now three waves of backers (Kickstarter Founders, Post-Kickstarter Founders, and Supporters), it has come to our attention that it’s unclear who receives one or several Character Reservation Name(s) and in which order.

Here is a recap of everything we’ve said about the topic:

Today, to claim your Character Name (if you haven't already done it through a Kickstarter Survey), you have to contact our Customer Support at Don't forget to contact the customer support with the e-mail address attached to the Dual Universe account on which you want to reserve a name (the account must be eligible for such reward). Any request made with another e-mail address will be automatically rejected.

If you have a Post-Kickstarter Founder Pack without Character Name Reservation and you have previously contacted our Customer Support regarding this topic, please contact them again to reserve a name as the ability of getting one becomes effective as of today.