New Supporter Packs Are Here!

New Supporter Packs Are Here! We have exciting news to share with our community! Many have been asking us when crowdfunding packs will make their grand return and today, that time has finally arrived.

Crowdfunding packs are once again available and you can find more information about them here!

For those that have diligently followed our ongoing development, you know that crowdfunding is the beating heart of Novaquark and Dual Universe. It’s thanks to the amazing contribution from our backers that we can bring forth innovative ideas and our team can remain independent. Dual Universe is made possible because of you and our fantastic private investors who finance the game because you believe in it. Because you believe in us, and for this, we are grateful.


The Logic Behind the New Supporter Packs: Greeting Newcomers

With the new Supporter Packs being the hot topic during these last few weeks, we bet you’ve already jumped onto the page to see what they look like. Some of you may have noticed that they are geared toward newcomers. That doesn't mean we forgot our Founder Backers, as several Supporter Rewards will be automatically gifted to them (more details on that in the next section).

We also announced a while back that those Supporter Packs wouldn't give access before the Alpha 2 phase. However, after many internal discussions, we have decided to proceed differently, for the reasons explained here. If you have only just discovered the project and are ready to dive into the many worlds of Dual Universe, these Supporter Packs will give you the opportunity to help back its ongoing development and redeem exclusive items, too! Not only that, but by pledging the Patron Pack, it will allow you to take part in the live testing during Pre-Alpha!

Please keep in mind that we must monitor or adjust the amount of new players in order to build and scale the Single-Shard server properly. Quality feedback is important to us as developers, and as such, we prioritize players into Pre-Alpha who are willing to support the project (by being integrated in the ATV* program because of very active and relevant contributions to the community, or by buying a Patron Pack) with intent to help us continue improving the game.

A Token of Gratitude for the Veterans

Already a backer and looking to obtain the awesome items seen in the new Supporter Packs? Unfortunately, upgrading from Founder to Supporter isn’t possible. However, starting from the Silver Founder level to Kyrium level, we'll gift you guys selected items from the Supporter Packs as a token of our appreciation. You can read more about the available Supporter Pack rewards and pledge levels here. Our initial backers are important to us, therefore we want to make certain they are rewarded for their continued trust and good spirit.

The Road to Alpha 1

Thanks to our testers, our Pre-Alpha tests are running smoother than ever before! As we continue forward, we plan to lengthen our testing sessions over time. Our team is steadily progressing and our current goal is making 24 to 48 hours long tests a reality.

Once we have validated that the server can withstand a sizable amount of players in stable condition, and we have completed the necessary gameplay additions, we'll be ready to launch Dual Universe into the Alpha 1 stage. This means that the NDA will be lifted and Dual Universe will be more widely seen and discovered by gamers around the world! With your help, new players will finally be able to experience the amazing content that Pre-Alpha testers have been enjoying in DU.

Each time a significant set of features is integrated into the game, we'll launch one stage closer in development to the Closed Beta. At that time, our numerous Silver Founder backers will then be able to access the game (in fact, with the Founder/Supporter Rewards plan explained sooner, they will have access to the Alpha 2, not just the Closed Beta). They will be able to help us gather important extra data through various levels of stress testing, as well as collecting data for the economy and resource generation models. The Closed Beta stage will signify that the game’s features have been fully implemented for the upcoming Official Release.


Constant Dialogue and Communication

It is our goal to be as open, transparent, and accessible as possible with our communication.

Both the ATV group* and Pre-Alpha testers have been providing key feedback, insight, and data that aid us in creating the first next gen MMO. We recently released a public Trello to share our feedback about your suggestions; whether they are considered, accepted, or rejected. When possible, we also include an ETA for their implementation.

Our Facebook page, Twitter feed, Community Discord, Reddit page, YouTube channel and forum are here for you to stay in touch with us and we always enjoy chatting with you! For us, crowdfunding also means participative development so thank you all for your input! It means a lot to us. With your support, we continue to work hard to deliver the game we all want and dream of, and are thrilled to continue this awesome journey with you!

As the community likes to put it, “Let’s DU it!” ;)


*The ATV (Alpha Team Vanguard) is currently made up of the 100 most active and dedicated community members, backers, and non-backers alike. Because of this commitment, they have been granted the privilege and responsibility of more direct access to behind-the-scenes processes and development of Dual Universe. More info regarding the ATV selection process is available here and here.