Trello Launch, DevDiaries & Communication changes

Dear community members,

Many of you have been asking when the next DevDiary is coming. We replied that we were in “feature freeze” mode as our first priority was server stability to more efficiently collect feedback and to test current features. In a “feature freeze” situation, even if there is significant progress, there is not enough visual content to share with the community. In such a case, we thought it best to release no DevDiary than an empty one.

At this time, our progress is satisfactory enough to open the server for longer test periods. We will soon announce these details in a dedicated news post. Expect most tests after March 10th to be about 24h (or more) sessions!

But that’s not all!

After several discussions, we came to the conclusion that having a monthly DevDiary wasn’t necessarily enough or the best way to communicate our development progress. During the past several weeks, we have begun changing the way we communicate new additions made to the game. Once a feature or content is ready to be implemented, we will usually announce it to the community without waiting up to one full month.

These future announcements will include game features, game design, concept art, artwork, 3D models, UI, music, animations, etc. For those who have access to the Pre-Alpha, this does not mean that you will have immediate in-game access to what is being presented. These could potentially be implemented in a future build or a build representing the next milestone (currently, this is achieving the Alpha 1 stage)!

A monthly roundup will collectively recap all content presented during the previous month and will replace the current DevDiary.

Last but not least, we have been working on a method that offers better transparency in our communication with the community. We have been testing various tools to give you periodical updates about the ideas and suggestions you regularly submit to our team. We decided that Trello was the best way to handle this task.

Disclaimer: This Trello is NOT a Development Roadmap (we are aware that some of you are waiting for it and we plan to release a meaningful and updated one for Summer 2018). The current Trello doesn’t contain all of the submitted ideas and suggestions by community members. More will be added progressively after being analyzed and curated by the development team.

You can now find the Trello here